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Viva Van Story

There once was a time when images of women were filled with secrets and mystery, intrigue and enticement. A sideways glance, the trailing smoke of a slender cigarette, a whisper of danger on cherry red lips. Photographer Viva Van Story takes us back to the days of gun molls and garters with her stunning collection of vintage-inspired imagery.

Ms. Van Story eschews the modern-day trend of in-your-face sexual explicitness, instead harkening back to an era where tease and suggestion reigned supreme. Her timeless images range from smoldering seduction to coquettish playfulness.


Pablo Picaso said, “A good artist borrows and a great artist steals.”
Therefore, in my attempt at greatness, there’s no one I’ve victimized more than Viva Van Story.  Viva is truly my most favorite photographer. Her kick-ass attitude, dirty mind, Punk Rock approach to lighting and raw eye all add up to the most jaw-dropping, sexiest photos I’ve ever seen. Miss Story has gone light years past the typical “cheesecake” pin-up aesthetic and is fearlessly creating new levels of erotic photography.  Viva’s work would make Betty Page blush.  It has been awesome watching Viva’s work evolve over the last 7 years and I cannot wait to see where her art goes from here.  However, one thing is for sure, no matter where Viva’s creativity takes her, I’ll be there to steal from her.  With much love and respect,

~Tyson McAdoo, Artist

Viva knows how to elevate and decorate her models so that maximum allure and tease is achieved.  It pleases those who want to see the naked basics, and it appeals to those of us, including myself, who appreciate the added enticement that fashion can bring to the already sensuous female form.  Take all these elements, combined with Viva’s brilliant skill with the camera and models, and you get a visual and seductive delight.

~Steve Diet Goedde

Viva Van Story is an accomplished photographer who is being justly acclaimed as a worthy successor to Bunny Yeager. Van Story is taking the parameters of “cheesecake” to new levels and the result (to say the least) is haute-cuisine. Pretty damn hot haute-cuisine, actually!
~ROBERT DEL VALLE, The Real Detroit

Viva Van Story’s photos are graced by the kind of drag strip dames and juice joint jezebels who populated the men’s mags of the 1950s — with a decidedly modern edge. It’s no surprise, then, that with NYC’s vibrant burlesque scene, she’s the photographer of choice for a wide range of tassel-twirling temptresses, hot-rod honeys, and tommy gun tarts.
~Thomas S. Roche, Eroszine



Released Aug. 2012 Solo book “SHEER” Korero Books LONDON  


Solo Book 2010 “Viva’s Pinups” Korero Books LONDON ( sold out )

Group Books:

“Kustom Kamera” LONDON 

“New Nude Photography” POLAND

“Latex Fashion Photography” Goliath Books GERMANY

“Atlas of Contemporary Erotic Photography” GERMANY

“Super Sexplosion [Hardcover]” Goliath Books GERMANY

“Inkarnation” GERMANY 2013

“Snoecks” 2013

6th Annual Black and White Spider Awards – Nominee Winner 2011 in Fine Arts Category
7th Annual Black and White Spider Awards – Nominee Winner 2012 in both People & Fashion Categories
6th Annual Photography Masters Cup Nominee 2013 I Color Photography I Nude Category


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